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Emma's Place

Through the years we've owned or been owned by seven different Basset Hounds. Dotsanna was the first. Next came Barney. Jelly Bean arrived when the kids were teenagers. Murphy was with us short term. Then Phoebe possessed our hearts for two years. Emma was next. Now Meg lives with us.

Puppy stories to warm your heart

Emma lived with us for 9 years, 2½ months. When she came to us through Basset Hound Rescue, we thought she was very young. She was thin, scared and small but the smartest hound we ever have had. When she passed away in May 2006, we found out that she was around 16 years old.

The stories on this site are based on Emma's life and our observations--written from her point of view. We hope you and your children will enjoy them!

And, now that Meg is part of our life, she has started to keep a diary that she is sharing with you here.