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Family Timeline Milestones

What has happened and when did it happen?

December 29, 1939—Bob was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Click here to see a Google sat view of his birthplace home.

November 30, 1945—Lain was born near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

September 1957 through March 1962—Bob was in the United States Air Force. Service took him to Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Keesler AFB, Mississippi, Okino Island (South of Japan), and Andrews AFB, Washington DC. At Andrews, Bob worked with Air Force One and the office of the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also did stuff that he still can't talk about today <smile>.

February 10, 1962—Bob and Lain were married in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, in Parnassus Presbyterian Church near the site of an old fort used during the expansion of the original thirteen colonies.

They spent their first couple of months in a tiny apartment, in the back of an old house, near Nichols Ave. (now Martin Luther King Ave.) in Anacostia, Maryland—right next to the tall wrought iron fence enclosing the nation's most notorious Insane Asylum: St. Elizabeths Hospital. Disregarding what some honeymooners remember about their honeymoon nights, we got to hear the screams from the thousands of mentally ill patients. You can read more about this adventure on another page of this Website.

April 1962—The newlyweds moved West from Washington, DC to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Why, Cedar Rapids? That was where Collins Radio Company, now a division of Rockwell, was located—where Bob was employed. Much the same work as while in the Air Force, but higher paid! That was an interesting ten years--but that is another story on its own!

January 28, 1963—Daughter, Mandy was born, later changing her name to Kelly Amanda.

September 9, 1964—Son, Randy was born. His name is the same as his father's and he goes by his middle name.

June 1972—The family moved West from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to a little town south of Eugene, Oregon. Why move to Cottage Grove, Oregon? There was a photographic studio that we bought and operated for almost ten years. Another interesting time in our life, and another story to be told.

December 17, 1972—Bob and Lain were baptized as Jehovah's Witnesses. In November 1971 Bob and Lain began studying the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses. This proved to be a major life-milestone--many changes and decisions have been made since then, based on what has been learned from studing the Bible.

June 1972 through June 1981—The family worked the photographic studio busness—it was truly a Mom & Pop business, with everyone in the family helping. A lot was learned about photo processing when a color lab was added. Randy used to work after school as "proofer", printing proofs from the studio sittings. Lain was multi-hatted as photographer, bookkeeper, and retoucher. Bob's hats involved photography, darkroom work, advertising and public relations. The business was sold in 1981 to make room for other ventures.

July 1981 through April 1984—These are the years between selling the family business and when the two "kids" got married in April 1984. Bob kept busy helping in a print shop and helping a computer start-up business—Mind Matters, Inc.—that literally started in Chuck Missar's garage beside the stack of firewood. Lain was busy keeping the household running. Between sporatic paychecks and teenaged children, these were slim times. It is no wonder these teens were ready to fly from the nest! Two weddings, three weeks apart, kept Lain quite busy.
(Marriage is a happy time, but at the same time, traumatic. Within one month both the children were married and out of the house. It is no wonder those years are a blur, with the life-changes going on.)

May 1984 through December 1993—The 9-1/2 lost years. When Bob and Lain look back at this time it is a great melange of activities, employment and unemployment, frustrations and joys, disappointments and elation—sounds like normal life, huh? Bob's employment saw the rise of Mind Matters to a million+ dollar business, which was sold to Endata, Inc., and later resold back to the original principal owner to become McCormick Systems Inc. All that while Bob sat at the same desk, with the same phone, in the same building, acting as general manager, over everything except marketing and advertising. When the Oregon office of that business was shut down, Bob moved on to getting his Realtor® license and working in real estate for a few years, while he and Lain and Paul Carter opened a computer store: Carter Shaffer Computer Systems, Inc., in a small local strip mall. Bad timing! Dell Computer and other big outlets soon devastated that business, which we had to close: bankrupted.

January 1994—Bob was hired at Symantec Corporation in Springfield, Oregon. There is a lot to be said for steady employent! This has been a good experience for Bob and a relief for Lain. Even though Bob became elegible for full Social Security in 2006, he continued working at Symantec.